Growing with Nova enables you to control and enhance your growing environment.

The Nova drainage pattern offers a superior and controlled drainage flow over conventional side holed grower pots that enhances the growing medium. Simple capillary action ensures the pot fully drains and no free water is retained or cupped at the bottom of the pot. 

Key points before using the Nova Pot:

1. Watering is more efficient
The Nova pot will generally require less water than conventional side holed pots.  You now have more control over water flow through your medium with a superior drainage pattern.  Be careful not to over water.

2. Soil medium choice
The slower drainage pattern, enhances the water holding capacity of the soil medium.  The water holding characteristics of your soil medium will be enhanced. Choose soils that suit your favoured growing.    

3. Nutrient effectiveness
Due to a better holding capacity of the medium nutrients will become more effective and you have more control. 

The Nova Pot can be used in Field Growing, Green House Growing, Capillary Matt Growing and “Ebb and Flow” Growing.

Note:  in analysing the NOVA pot, it is important to realise that results do take time to appear. Growing Performance and Growing advantages over side holed pots, and other growing vessels, can not be guaranteed. However, despite the many variables in growing, we are confident in our experience, recommending that the Nova Pot is a superior growing vessel, and that over time, and on average, your growth rates will improve.